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Ideas for your Next Room Addition

Whether you live in a big or small home, room additions have the potential to both add value and space to the home. Along with expanding your available storage and living space, adding rooms with features that are desirable to home buyers can increase the value of your home.

Consider Adding a Second Story

Depending on the area in which you live, sometimes adding a second story a better investment than buying a new home. A combination of a huge square footage addition as well as increased resale value makes adding a second story to the house a very valuable investment.

Adding a Room Over the Garage

Creating a bonus room or apartment over a garage is a great way to add extra square footage without turning your home into a mess. With the foundation of the garage already in place, all you need are walls and a roof. Once it’s finished, you can rent it out or use it as a guest bedroom. Keep in mind that certain additions like a new roof, Type X fireproof drywall, and vapor barriers will be more expensive than other home addition projects. Costs typically average around $35 per square foot when building a bonus over-the-garage room.

Adding a Dormer

Dormers not only expand your attic and provide much needed light, but they also add major curb appeal and make your home look larger. This is an addition that adds significant value to the home as it increases the space inside the house and makes the home look bigger on the outside.

Add Space onto Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen—even on a minor scale—can provide a great return on investment. Expand your kitchen’s square footage by turning a flex space or bump-out addition into a walk-in pantry or breakfast nook.

Add Space to the Bathroom

Increasing bathroom square footage can greatly increase the value of your home. Try extending your master bathroom to include space for a soaking tub or dual sinks. Or add a half-bath in an underutilized small space like under the stairs, a closet, an attic bonus room, or a basement.

Add and Enclosure into the Backyard

Enclosing a back patio can create a cozy outdoor living room! This home addition project can be quite extensive—especially if you extend your roof—so make sure you enlist the help of builders or contractors. Like a sunroom, a patio must be enclosed and accessible from the house in order to count toward livable square footage.

As seen from the many examples provided, room additions add both valuable space to the house as well as value in the form of added square footage. The best part about room additions is that they are important investments, they are investments that can be enjoyed while still living in the house. If you are looking for quality work and service whenever it comes to room additions, always feel free to contact Preferred Home Builders.

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