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Advantages of a Garage Conversion ADU


    Advantages of a Garage Conversion ADU

    April 29, 2019 0 Comments

    Advantages of a Garage Conversion ADU

    Here are some of the key Advantages of a Garage Conversion ADU. If you are thinking of converting your garage to an ADU or even building an accessory dwelling unit, this article will provide some valuable insights to help.

    You Can Add Value to Your Home

    One of the significant benefits of converting a garage into a self-contained home or usable space is that it can add significant value to your property. Not only does a garage conversion provide extra space, but it also adds value by providing another income stream (if you decide to rent the space out).

    Having extra available space is also valuable as it is extremely attractive to potential buyers. Even if you’re not looking to sell, the expense of converting your garage will quickly be paid off by the convenience and business opportunities it offers you.

    Adds Much-Needed Living Space

    Today’s property market seems to be continuously rising and there are two options for many homeowners: buy a bigger home or adapt the one they have. For many people, the most affordable option is to adapt the home they have.

    By converting your garage, you can transform an unused space into a livable area with very little fuss. What’s more, your family can enjoy more room and the value of your property will rise – giving you the opportunity to sell in the future for a higher price than you otherwise would have.

    Convert Unused Space into a new Livable Environment

    Garages tend to be widely unused and often an eye sore in otherwise gorgeous homes. Ever since California has allowed for the beginning of construction on garage conversions, demand has skyrocketed. The combination of increased home value and the addition of another aesthetically pleasing room has lead many to decide to follow through with a conversion.

    Garage Conversions are Quick to Complete

    Advantages of a Garage Conversion ADU are traditionally quick and easy projects. Because it is an already built structure, it is faster than a room addition. If you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to add value to your home, adding square footage in the form of a garage conversion is the safest and quickest way to do so.

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