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Bathroom Remodeling Trends


    Bathroom Remodeling Trends

    April 29, 2019 0 Comments

    Bathroom Remodeling Trends today are exciting and changing rapidly.  Bathrooms are currently the rooms undergoing the most remodeling in home repair. People generally wait to spend money on their bathroom remodel since they are the smallest rooms in they look and feel impact the mood and comfort of occupants. Therefore, people are starting to get rid of their outdated, annoying bathroom supplies and they are completely outfitting their bathrooms with the latest styles. Here are the current trends on the market in 2019.

    Colorful Redos

    Customers are now asking for bathrooms to be painted bright, relaxing colors such as blues, greens, and purples. The walls are outfitted with thick layers of paint that scream the color. White walls have started to become associated with feelings of unsettlement, annoyance, and even fear because so many official buildings like schools and offices have started using cinderblock walls painted white to minimize building costs. Deep, soft colors are relaxing and remind us of natural things like large bodies of water, rain, and waterfalls. This form of relaxation is known a chromotherapy because we use colors to feel better about ourselves and our surroundings. Bathrooms are becoming more peaceful with just a splash of paint.

    High Tech Gadgets

    Bathroom comfort is now being equated with how many gadgets there are to play with. In modern society, it’s easy to turn anything into some kind of technological marvel. Showers now are outfitted with multiple spouts that spray water like a spa or even spray water from the ceiling. People are installing vents into the walls that blow warm air to dry a person after a shower instead of using a towel. People are also getting their bathrooms outfitted with surround sound speakers and TVs so that they can enjoy high definition while they soak in the suds. It used to be impressive to have a phone connected to a wall in the bathroom. Times have definitely changed.

    Eco-Friendly Fixtures

    Toilets used to waste a lot of water when they flushed and refilled their bowels. These days, toilets are becoming more environmentally friendly because they come with built-in water saving fixtures. These fixtures make it so only the necessary amount of water is used to flush necessary things down the toilet. You can press the handle in different directions in order to use more or less water to facilitate the flush. These toilets are also built to clog less and have a longer lifetime than older toilets.

    Modern Looks

    People are also now buying modern furniture to put into their bathrooms. People love the seamless look of metal and wood fitting together. This reminds people of nature and helps them feel more peaceful. Bathtubs are now coming out with more rounded shapes that focus on geometric beauty rather than space saving. These looks feel more natural to the occupants and help them relax. Furniture and style does add to the tranquility of the room. Picking nice looking, elegant pieces will make the bathroom remodel look sophisticated and sleek.

    Bathroom remodeling can be a expensive process, but you will love your new bathroom forever. To check out more of the latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends, visit We are bathroom specialists and will help you achieve your dream bathroom remodel at an affordable price.

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