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Interior Remodeling


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    Affordable Interior Remodeling Los Angeles and Design

    Preferred Home Builders offers a two-hour consultation for free leaving you with the customized design work. This approach will allow you to visually see the final product before any work begins. Your dedicated project manager will always keep you up to date and assist you in tracking the progress of your project. Your design will also be your reference so you can ensure that every detail is included, and nothing gets left out. Having a physical copy of the design will allow you to understand what goes on during the construction process and you will have peace of mind having it as a reference point to follow.

    Master Bedroom Remodel and Bathroom Remodels

    Your master bedroom or master suite too often be the most overlooked space in your home, the fact is you spend a good portion of every day in your master bedroom. Remodeling your bedroom can be a great way to enjoy the space and its benefits to overall them of your home. Expanding on the master bathroom remodel Los Angeles to couple it with an upgrade to the master bedroom in order to achieve a luxury hotel-like master suite is just the latest in a series of focused remodeling trends. The natural start point is to determine what you imagined for your new master suite and to tailor it to your personal needs. Think about your lifestyle and the bedroom’s place in it. Whether it’s creating a quiet private sanctuary where the closing the bedroom door creates an instant getaway, or simply a need for a private space in your home, our design team can assist in making it a reality.

    Living and Dining Room Remodels

    There a few different scenarios when it comes to the living and dining areas of your home and the reasons behind why you are looking to remodel. Here are the three most popular reasons to remodel a living and dining room we have seen and how we approach these projects.

    • Cramped room; many older homes in the greater Los Angeles area were built in a very compartmentalized way, that was just how homes were built during the time period. Partition or load-bearing walls between the living, dining and kitchen room were the norm. A re-designed floor plan and removal of one or several on the interior walls completely transforms the space, making it more functional, brighter and increases the overall flow of the home.
    • Large empty room; on the larger sized homes, some living room areas will be a large space with a vaulted ceiling and no anchor accent, making the room look more like an un-inviting empty space. For this type of remodel, our designers may incorporate a ventless fireplace and built-ins around the fireplace to create a focal point for the room and make it a cozier and inviting space.
    • Dated room; this is perhaps the easiest of the three living room remodels that we come across. This is where the layout and initial design is still relevant, but it simply outdated and looks tired. It could have the typical essentials we like to see in a living room, like a fireplace, built-ins and exposed solid-wood ceiling beams, but their style reaches back a generation. Refacing the fireplace with new stone or tile work, a new set of built-ins or a sleek modern look, exposing the natural beauty of the ceiling beams and new flooring are the main design golas in this type of living room remodel.

    Custom Remodel and Design Projects

    Preferred Home Builders offers a wide variety of other projects that will increase your home’s curb appeal while raising the resale value of the home.

    • Patio Cover
    • Decks and Porches
    • Windows & Doors
    • Flooring
    • Sun Room
    • Stamp Cement
    • Exterior Paint
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Pool Area Landscaping and Hardscaping