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In today’s world of competition the old proverb applies “Cream always rises to the top”. We believe, not only does it rise to the top, but it stays there only through constant vigilance. Many companies enter our business only to fall by the wayside because their concerns are not with their client. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials and workmanship available at costs today’s families can afford. We’re very interested in customizing our work to fit both your desires and budget, and back up our claims with prompt and appropriate action. We are determined to become California’s finest answer to homeowner’s needs.

A Word from the Company President

As the president of a successful construction company, I am proud to have become a major home remodeling contractor in the Los Angeles region.

From the design stage to completion, I take it as my personal mission to have my entire team listen and attend to all of our customer’s renovations needs and dreams.

I am constantly updating my knowledge through learning new remodeling technologies and utilize from my accumulated years of remodeling experience to accomplish a professional and beautiful remodeling projects.

Our environment’s safety in one of my main priorities, I am dedicated to protect the environment and extremely promote the use of environmentally liable remodeling materials.

In this type of economy it is important to invest every cent properly. When facing an expensive project such as bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, Call Me. I know I will provide you with the best cost option for your desired remodeling request.

Remember, when done properly remodeling is an investment and you want to allocate every cent wisely. I am here for you.

Tamir Pinhas, President
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