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A Kitchen Remodel Project Overview


    A Kitchen Remodel Project Overview

    April 29, 2019 0 Comments

    A Kitchen Remodel Project Overview


    Beginning a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. Items such as being clear what’s going on or how long things should take may be common at other home improvement companies, but not at Preferred Home Builders. In this article we will define what A Kitchen Remodel Project Overview looks like when you choose us for the project. We have a set of timelines established for our Kitchen Remodel projects that clearly define the project tasks that will be completed on a weekly basis. Outlined in this blog is how long as well as what goes in to the average kitchen remodel; of course depending on size of the kitchen and type of amenities, the time may vary. However, this will be a look at the average times for the majority of our Kitchen Remodeling projects.

    Demolition and Rough Work

    Everything begins with the demolition of the previous kitchen. After everything has been safely removed and disposed of, framing of the new kitchen as well as our electrical and plumbing will be installed. After the kitchen has passed a rough inspection, a week has gone by and the next step begins.

    Wall Preparation and Finishing

    Beginning on the second week of the project, the kitchen begins to take shape. Drywall is installed, sanded, and painted. Due to the high quality nature of our work, this process will bring us to the end of the second week of work. After all of this has been completed, the third week is ready to begin.

    Cabinet Installation

    After everything has been properly cleaned and safely removed from the previous week’s work, the cabinets are ready to be installed and the countertop is measured and cut. As well as that, the kitchen flooring is installed. The kitchen finally begins to take shape.

    Countertop Installation

    On the fourth week, the countertop is measured, cut, and installed along with the customer’s choice of backsplash and moldings. Once the final appliances like dishwashers, sinks, and refrigerators are installed, the kitchen is ready for final inspection.

    Each of our Kitchen Remodel Projects follow this Overview and after inspections are completed and have passed, the kitchen is ready to be enjoyed!

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