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Picking the Right Vanity for your Bathroom Remodel


    Picking the Right Vanity for your Bathroom Remodel

    April 29, 2019 0 Comments

    Picking the Right Vanity for your Bathroom Remodel

    Whether you are doing a complete bathroom remodel or just partial, often times the replacing the vanity is a key aspect in getting a fresh feel for a new bathroom. First though, what is a bathroom vanity? A bathroom vanity is often times the location of the sink as well as storage space. Another important aspect of the bathroom vanity is its ability to conceal the plumbing that surrounds the sink basin.

    The Essential Steps

    When it comes to picking the right vanity it is important to follow these essential steps.

    Picking the Right Size

    When Picking the Right Vanity for your Bathroom Remodel, size matters. This is the one of if not the most important step. Often times, the contractor that you are working with will make sure that the vanity being placed is of the right size. However, if this a DIY project, then measuring the width, depth, and height to properly fight the room plan is very important.

    Number of Sinks

    Vanities will often come in two options; one sink or two. After considering how much counter space you would like, decide whether you would like a single sink or double sink. Usually, common countertops will be 48 inches in length, at this point it is the customer’s decision if they want single or double.

    Mounting Options

    Vanities typically come in three mounting options; freestanding, wall mount, and corner mounts. Freestanding (aka standard) options are the most common and offer a range of foot styles. Wall mount or floating vanities skew modern and generally offer less storage given their cropped height. Corner units fill a specific need and are limited to one sink.

    Sink Types

    Often times, this is the most exciting and provides the biggest overall feel to the bathroom. Depending what style the home and the bathroom is,  the size and material of the sink is very important. Undermount: Installed underneath the counter for a seamless top.Vessel: Sits on top of the counter; available in a variety of shapes including bowl and square.Drop in: Top mounted so the edges rest on the counter but the basin is inset.Integrated: The countertop includes the sink itself in one continuous piece.


    Materials can range from wood, marble, and more metallic hardware. Depending on the desired feel of the home, a material can then be decided.

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