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We all want what’s best for our family, and having a perfect home is the ultimate means of providing the highest quality of life. Hence, home improvement is essential to keep up with your lifestyle and allow for more efficiency around the house. Remodeling certain parts of your house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, room additions, roof installation and garage conversion, or better yet done altogether not only renders you the most content homeowner, but increases its overall value and unleashes the utmost potential of a beautiful Bell Canyon home!

This is made possible by the best contractors who can ensure that the construction and remodeling is executed in excellence and done in the highest quality, which is exactly the type of service you will receive from Preferred Home Builders, Inc. We are Your Friendly Contractor, and you are guaranteed an enjoyable, exciting experience of a home makeover as we keep you comfortable all throughout, from start to finish. The expertise of our highly experienced and skilled teams allow for big savings, in both your valuable time and hard-earned money. Professional work is done in an impressive, timely manner, yet comes at affordable rates.

Receive a 2-hour free consultation from a professional designer to ensure your plans are followed through and you get the outcome you want. In just 14 days, you can relax in a whole new bathroom from top to bottom! We work in partnership with a highly credible architect and engineer to build your new kitchen that’s tailored to your preferences. It will be made with the highest installation standards and guaranteed completed in 21 days.

We can do patio extension, house expanding, room addition, and however you want to make use of available space for a larger, even more valuable and attractive home in Bell Canyon. Choose among our extensive selection of colors and patterns and acquire a durable and energy efficient roof that will last long. Receive complete guidance from our roofing specialists, along with a thorough exterior and interior inspection, roof repairs if needed, and an astounding roof life time warranty.

Transform your garage or room design with great ease, with service that fits perfectly in your budget and delivered on time. Get a free professional 3D custom design for your Bell Canyon home to visualize your plans and see it manifest into reality right before your eyes!