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Indeed, there’s no place like home, but do you know what can be better than home sweet home? A house that has been bestowed with the services of friendlycontractor.com and breathed new life into! Refresh your home anew and make it even more cozy and comfortable to your utmost satisfaction. Let us take over and we will provide you with results that are exactly the way you have dreamed your Hollywood hills home to be, or even way beyond your expectations.

Imagine yourself preparing food in your kitchen, experiencing the joys of cooking with everything in order- from countertops, shelves, and anything else that must be installed to make life easy for you, with everything you need within reach. We can work on your bathroom too, your very own private room built to pamper you! Relax and indulge in elegance and style anytime of day in your revitalized bathroom that benefits both mind and body. If you are looking into expanding your house, like having a patio or additional room, have it done with your personal touch as we custom build it for you. You’ll end up with a larger, more comfortable home with definitely greater value. Maybe you wish for a garage conversion, and you’ll come up with an entirely new room with less costs! From top to bottom, we can transform your house, including your roof. Our roofing installation service entails your security with a sturdy, long lasting roof that comes in a wide range of designs to match every taste. We also conduct a complete inspection inside and out, do repairs as needed, and present you with a custom 3D design for an exciting sneak preview of your new home in Hollywood hills, so there’s nothing else to worry about!

Preferred Home Builders offers an impressive line of services in the highest standards and you are guaranteed to get exceptional service. You are entitled to 2 hours of free consultation with our friendly and helpful professional designer. Receive full contractor services with a complete turnkey solution to all that you may require for a nicer and more attractive home. We understand that you may have a busy schedule, that’s why we give you a no hassle service with our fast delivery time that will save you money as well. In addition to great quality work from our specializations, you can rest assured that your safety is our priority with both our workers and homeowners kept hazard-free. Whether you need bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, room additions, garage conversions and room installation, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that your personal preferences and style is implemented, resulting to your Hollywood hills home built to perfection!