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Pacific Palisades is an affluent neighborhood and so to keep up with this lifestyle it is important to get quality services when remodeling or constructing your home. Whereas there are many companies that offer good services in this district, you should not just settle for good, but you should instead be more focused on getting the best. This is what Friendly Contractors guarantees you as our client. Our vast range of services in home improvement has been continuously rated highly by our customers, and we are with no doubt the best home improvement contractor in Pacific Palisades and its environs.

Besides from being an affluent district, Pacific Palisades also has a fast growing economy meaning that people are always busy. We understand this, and so we will make sure that we get the job done very quickly so that you can get back to your routine. A bathroom remodeling should not take more than 14 days while a kitchen remodeling will take us less than three weeks.

We have been in the business for long enough to know that most customers value quality over anything else. Besides from completing the job very fast we also ensure that we maintain to notch quality. Testimonials from our clients can attest that no matter what the job might be we will never compromise on the quality.

Remodeling a kitchen or adding a room to a house is a job that requires a lot of technical expertise. We have a highly trained and experienced team with all the technical expertise needed to perform the work. Add this to the creativity that is characteristic of all our employees and you will always be assured of a perfect job.

With the current economic crunch, things can be tough, and so we wouldn’t want to make things harder for you by overcharging you. All our services are reasonably priced making them very affordable for our customers. In fact, you would hardly find any other company in Pacific Palisades that has better rates Friendly Contractors.

If you are thinking of remodeling or adding a room to your Pacific Palisades home, then there is only one company that you should turn to. Friendly Contractors is your only guarantee of a quality home improvement service that is within your budget and will remain within your budget.