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Friendlycontractor.com has raised the bar in innovative and high-quality home improvement in Shadow Hills and the surrounding area. When you first start to think about home improvement, there is a great chance that you will model it according to your dream home. Large and small home changes get you little by little to achieving that perfect place you can truly call home.

We are one of the best home builder and contractors for a very good reason: we make your dream a reality.

Let’s start with bathroom remodeling. Take a look at your current bathroom and see what kinds of improvements can be made. Do you want a completely new look, or just add some nice and modern fixtures? If your bathroom is big enough, then you can install luxury bathroom features such as soft lighting, a magnificent bathtub, or an ultramodern sink that you have always wanted. You know what? We can do all of that, and more- with a guarantee it will be completed in just 14 days!

See in your mind’s eye how your kitchen can be transformed from ordinary to the extraordinary. Have you always fancied modern and contemporary kitchens with all the conveniences designed for maximum efficiency and aesthetic effect? How would you like an expert designer take a look at your kitchen and offer professional advice in how to beautify it? Call us and get a free consultation, then if you like what you see, we can come up with a state-of-the-art 3D model of how your kitchen will look like. We can do this and more in just 21 days.

Sometimes you wonder how useful an extra room can be when it is built into your home, but have no idea in how to create that space or how to do it without changing the overall architecture of your abode. It may also be high time for a new roof to be installed, preferably a different material this time? Thinking about converting your current garage into a room that can accommodate a person?

Don’t jump right in without knowing how the new roof or how the new room might look. If you are uncertain and hesitant to spend significant budget in home improvement, we can certainly help in that aspect. We are a roofing contractor that provides a complete service, using an excellent turnkey solution. Our design team can recreate your dream space first in 3D that will allow you to see it from any angle before committing fully in the project construction. You can rest assured that when you pick Friendlycontractor.com out of the many builders in Shadow Hills, you pick the most experienced, the most hardworking and the most qualified home improvement contractors there is.