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Whether you’re looking for a new room addition, conversion of existing garage into a new room, remodeling of your kitchen, bathroom or completely new roof installation, you need a contractor that specializes in these jobs and is known for completing work in the required time period. Here at FriendlyContractor.com, we have been serving the residents of Studio City for the past more than 15 years and have earned a name by providing high-quality construction services within the promised time.

We hold a valid license from CSLB and are fully insured and bonded including workers’ compensation insurance. We have an experienced team of workers who take pride in completing the work to your satisfaction that is done within the promised time period and within your budget.

Whether you are looking for complete remodeling of bathroom or addition of some new fixture into the bathroom, it is important that you get the work done through an experienced team that has already completed lot of similar projects. Our construction crew has completed hundreds of bathroom remodeling projects and we can guarantee completion of your project within a period of 14 days. We are with you at all stages of the remodeling project including design, construction and finishing.

Existing garage offers the best opportunity to add some space in to your existing house. However, converting existing garage into a new room is a very complex process. Our construction crew has completed hundreds of such conversions and we know the problems that may happen with such conversion. Our construction team also carries out a complete inspection and does the entire repair work before beginning the construction.

It won’t be wrong to say that a new roof can completely change a house. Whether you are looking to replace a new roof or install a completely new roof, our team of roofers can help you in bringing your dream to reality. We offer a completely free 3-D design to help you visualize the new roof before it even comes into existence. Our construction crew will also be happy to share with you roofing samples and anything else to help you decide the right type of roof for your home.

We guarantee completion of your kitchen remodeling project within a period of 21 days. We understand that homeowners undergo a lot of stress when the remodeling project is stretched beyond the guaranteed time period and therefore, our experienced construction crew takes away your stress by completing the project within just 21 days. Our services also include completely free consultation with a professional designer to help you with the remodeling ideas.

We specialize in new room additions. One of the biggest concerns of homeowners when making an addition to their existing house is the safety of kids and pets. Our experienced team of construction workers ensures that the construction site is completely safe. We do daily inspections to ensure that there is no debris left after the work is completed for the day.

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