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Here at FriendlyContractor.com, we offer professional roof installation, garage conversion, room addition, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling services in Sunland. We have been offering the services in Sunland for the past more than 15 years and we are known for our ethics, integrity and for completing the construction projects within the promised time period.

We are a licensed contractor and are fully insured and bonded. Our experienced construction team specializes in new roof installations, conversion of garage to a completely new room of your house, adding a completely new room to your house and enhancing the value of your house by remodeling your bathroom and kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling is very popular these days as many studies have shown that kitchen remodeling adds a lot of value to your house which is often far higher than the cost of remodeling. Most of the homeowners have a really bad experience with other contractors as they drag on the remodeling process. However, our professional construction crew ensures that your remodeling project is completed within 21 days. We also offer a completely free two hours consultation with one of the professional designers in our team.

Whether you want to add a new bathtub, sink or light into your bathroom or want to completely change it into a spa like space, you need a contractor that has a lot of experience in bathroom remodeling and guarantees completion within a few weeks. We are a full-service contractor and we guarantee completion of your bathroom remodeling project within 14 days. We work closely with specialized engineers and architects to ensure that the renovated bathroom is highly functional and meets your design expectations within the allotted budget.

For new room addition, we present a completely free 3-D pre-design presentation to the clients to help them visualize their new room. Our highly experienced construction group ensures that the construction site is always fenced and hazard free to keep the residents in the house safe. Our services cover every stage of the construction process from design to excavation to wiring to plumbing.

When you want to have more space for your family, the existing garage is the most suitable space in your house to be converted into a living space. We specialize in converting the existing garage into a lively new room. We offer completely free professional 3-D design to help homeowners like you visualize the project. Our services also include complete inspection before starting the conversion project.

Whether you want to replace your existing roof or install a completely new roof, we have a highly experienced team of roofers who specialize in installing all kind of roofs. We also offer completely free 3-D design to help you see your new roof before it comes into existence. Our roofing team will ensure that the new design is as per your needs and within your budget. Our services also include complete inspection of the roof before beginning the project. Give Us A Call Today.