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Preferred Home Builders, Inc. is the friendly contractor that homeowners living in the Toluca Lake and surrounding areas seek. At friendlycontractor.com, homeowners have the opportunity to get a free consultation for specialized projects at affordable rates.

A fully competent company, which uses highest installation standards to homeowners in the Toluca Lake area, Preferred Home Builders designers work closely with engineers and architects to build according to a homeowner’s specifications.
Any homeowner wants the best work done at affordable prices with no compromise on quality. Roof installation; whether it is new roof installation or roof replacement require professional and unique installation processes for the different roof types. Trained specialists follow city regulations and codes and guarantee durability, energy efficiency, and longevity. Roof installation with Preferred Home Builders comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kitchen remodeling is probably one of the first areas homeowners look to improve or update. It is one of the few building contractors in the US offering 3-D pre-designed presentation in helping you make the final decision. Furthermore getting the permits and Blue prints from Toluca Lake as well as completing electrical and plumbing work by following city codes, which include gas piping, rewiring, appliance connections, switches and sockets and lighting overall.

Bathrooms take the same project importance as kitchen remodeling and another main area where homeowners improve not only the value of their homes, but add personal style and elegance. Bathrooms act as much more than just a necessary functional room in a house. It has infinite possibilities and you could break the mold by creating your unique custom design with the help of professionals.

Another area of expertise we offer specialized room addition to match your home’s existing architecture and style. Satisfaction is guaranteed from the moment that you make the decision to get a free no obligation quote from friendlycontracor.com. You receive assistance in your personalized design ideas for complete transformation and room additions that falls well into your budget.

The alternative to room additions is garage conversions, which more homeowners opt for in the Toluca Lake area. It is the perfect turnkey solution as you already have the ready foundation, walls, and roof. As with all other professional work completed by the professionals, you also receive a free 3-D format in order for you to visualize the outcome of the project, before work starts.