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Preferred home builders is the leading company in Valley Glen valley in offering construction and renovation services. As a Valley Glen resident, you do not just need to choose any contractor to come do construction or renovation services for you. Preferred home builders are your immediate local builders who are licensed, insured, bonded and known to complete their work as you agree with them. They are known for providing quality construction and renovation services. The company offers the following services; kitchen remodeling, room addition, bathroom remodeling, roof installation and garage conversions.

Kitchen remodeling-This is your best choice contractor for your kitchen remodeling or extension work. The company has proven records of achievements and completing any piece of work within time and budget. You can always trust them with your kitchen work. They work closely with an architect and an engineer to builder or renovate you kitchen according to your plan and specification. They guarantees you twenty-one days to complete your work. Before any construction begins, you are given 2 hours to make consultation with contractor’s professional designer. They provide you with a 3-D visual picture to help you see your new kitchen look after completion.

Bathroom remodeling-Renovated bathroom do add value to your home. Preferred home builders provide complete turnkey solution for the bathroom remodeling. They create the most efficient bathrooms with low maintenance and highly functional regardless of the space limitations. They do custom bathroom renovation that is highly functional and within your budget. They offer free 3-D design presentations to create a mental picture for your new bathroom. They also offer 3-D format to help you visualize your new bathroom outlook.

Room addition-Preferred home builders are well known for adding room to an existing house. They use quality products from renowned manufactures to match the architecture of the existing house. Before beginning their project, you are given a 3-D pre design presentation to help you have a visual picture of the room. Most importantly they complete the plan, blue prints and permits by your city to keep off you from wasting time to meet them. Their cost charges are friendly and within your budget. They also ensure that all their construction is permitted approved and adheres to the city code to the letter. They call the city inspection officials after passing your final inspection.

Roof installation-Preferred home builders are known for installing new roofs or replacing a worn out or an old roof. The company has highly trained roofers who can efficiently handle all sort roof installation work. You can always trust preferred builders because; it is a fool service roofing contractor, they offer you with a professional design in a 3-D format to help you visualize your new roof. They have a variety of roofing colors and patterns upon which you can make a choice. They complete plan, blue prints and permits and approved by city. They also offer life time roof warrant.

Garage conversion-Preferred home builders are known for converting garage into rooms and rooms into garage. They give the client a professional 3-D format outlook of the new so that you can have a visual picture of what to expect after construction. They do thorough exterior and interior inspection to before beginning any conversion project. They have efficient and affordable garage/room conversion rates.