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Friendlycontractor.com is a top construction and remodeling company that offers top quality services in the Van nuys area. The company offers reliable home improvement services in different sections and it is a company you would want to hire for the remodeling services in your home. Here are some of the top areas serviced by the friendlycontractor.com;

One of the top areas that people wish to remodel is the bathroom. It has been scrutinized that the remodeling of the bathroom helps to add more value to your home. The company provides affordable prices that are equally valuable. Regardless of the type of the bathroom, the company assures you of having your bathroom ready in 14 days. They are equipped with a team of highly proficient contractors, who carry out the work accordingly.

The kitchen is another area of concern in the home and when you have a high quality remodeling, you will be sure of brightening the entire house and also adding more value to it. There is a guarantee of 21 days to complete any type of kitchen. The contractors work in the shortest time possible and they ensure that your kitchen has the real, trendy look, which is also is in-line with your preferences.

Having a new room in the house will help to ensure there is enough space and that you can utilize it for something else. There are several services offered under the room additions category and they include the patio extension, house expansion, room transformation and many more. The main aim of the company is to ensure that you take the full advantage of your house.

friendlycontractor.com helps you fulfill your roof requirements, whether you need to install a new one or you need to replace the existing one, you will be served by professionals. They deal with every type of roof, including tin, rubber, metal, tile, flat, slate and many more. Every type of roof is installed in a specific method, allowing you to enjoy your home as you wish.

You can have your garage converted into a more usable room, which you can use it in your house. The company helps you make your garage an excellent room to use with your family. Rather than build a new room, the company helps you change your garage into something usable, in the cheapest way.

The good thing about friendlycontractor.com is that it offers a free consultation that takes about 2 hours. They provide top quality services and ensure that you are fully satisfied.