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  • Simi Valley kitchen remodeling contractor
  • Simi Valley bathroom remodeling contractor
  • Simi Valley room addition contractor
  • Simi Valley garage conversion contractor
  • Simi Valley home remodeling contractor

You have come to the right place. Here at, we offer over 23 years of professional home builder experience as a general contractor in the 93065 Los Angeles area and promise a timely completion of the job.

Many people are not aware of the fact that they are required by law to hire the services of only a licensed contractor for any construction job over $500. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded contactor. Our customer reviews on and speak directly to our integrity and code of ethics. We also offer options for financing home improvements, with the knowledge that it is a sound investment for any homeowner which creates a great return on the investment, while keeping the home remodeling costs fair and accurate.

Whether you want a complete removal of your kitchen or an extension, you need to hire a contractor who has a proven record of completion within the promised period. We guarantee completion of your kitchen remodel in Simi Valley project within 21 days. Our team will ensure that the new kitchen is built as per your specifications and within the budget. We are a full-service contractor and ensure that the remodeled kitchen reflects your personal style and taste.

You need an experienced contractor if you’re planning a Simi Valley garage conversion. Many families want to have additional living space as the family grows but building a completely new room is extremely expensive. However, the garage can be easily converted into a room, keeping the garage conversion costs low. We have completed a lot of similar projects and we will convert the existing garage into a new room within no time.

Simi Valley bathroom remodels add a lot of value to the home. Many studies have shown that the added value of remodeling a bathroom in Simi Valley is over 80% higher than the cost of renovation. However, the renovation needs to be done professionally and therefore, you need an experienced and professional remodeling contractor serving Simi Valley to ensure that the work gets done in the most professional manner and within the promised time period. We guarantee a bathroom remodel in Simi Valley that you will love within 14 days. The right choice as your bath remodeler.

We also specialize in Simi Valley room additions. Our design team will explore room addition ideas with you to create the best plan for your space and needs.  We understand that safety is the utmost concern of the homeowners when they have kids in the house. Our construction teams are highly skilled and take safety very seriously. We also make daily inspections to ensure that the construction site is free of debris and there is no risk to anyone in the house.