Kitchen Remodels

Here at Preferred Home Builders, we appreciate how much it means to you to bring your dream kitchen to life. So rest assured knowing that our main priority is providing excellent kitchen remodeling services until you’re completely satisfied with the result; a beautiful and practical space! With a variety of materials, colors, hardware, and fixtures to select from, our team of experts will work with you one-on-one to create exactly the style you want.

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    Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles

    If you're looking for a company to handle your kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles or its surrounding areas, look no further than Preferred Home Builders. With nearly 25 years of experience and having completed over 3000 projects successfully, we can guarantee that yours will be finished on time and within budget. Most companies in the LA area cannot make this same promise!

    Custom Cabinets

    We make dream kitchens a reality. It begins with a design session to create a 3D design of your dream kitchen. Your design specialist will work directly with you, to transform the kitchen you imagined into a 3D-rendered design you can view and modify as needed. Discuss your design services with an architect or interior designer to break them down into creative design and technical design. Once the aesthetic aspect is finalized, your designer will input them every step of the way.Ā  Preferred Home Builders has the experience and knowledge to execute your kitchen remodeling job to perfection.

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    Kitchen Renovation Services

    Each kitchen remodeling project undertaken by Preferred Home Builders begins with the assignation of a dedicated project manager to guide you through every stage of the process and ensure a flawless result. We provide this service because we believe it is essential to an exceptional customer service experience.

    Typical appliancesĀ in a large kitchen include a wide upright refrigerator, cooktop, separate oven, a dishwasher, and maybe even a wine refrigerator. Efficiency is important for cabinets andĀ countertop space, which are bigger ticket items for pricing. Essential appliances can be hidden inside a kitchen island to maximizeĀ cabinet spaceĀ and cut down on unnecessary trips back and forth to the microwave or dishwasher.

    Kitchen Remodeling Projects

    A kitchen remodel is a big investment with lots of choices and decisions to make so be sure to work with someone who has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the desired result. The professional kitchen remodelers at Preferred Home Builders understand the latest trends in kitchen design, as well as how to incorporate them into your space with a flawless result.

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    Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

    It costs a lot of money to remodel a kitchen. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to call a contractor like Preferred Home Builders and have them come out and do a consultation. generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 or more for a full kitchen remodel. There are many things that go into pricing a kitchen remodel, such as the size of the kitchen, the materials you choose, the level of customization you want, and whether or not you need any structural changes done. That’s why it’s always best to consult with a professional who can help you figure out exactly what your renovation will entail and how much it will cost.

    It really depends on the extent of the remodel and the specific contractors that you work with. Generally speaking, a kitchen remodel will take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, but it can vary significantly depending on the scope of the project. If you’re looking to do a full gut renovation, it’s going to take much longer than if you’re just replacing some cabinets or appliances. It’s always best to get an estimate from a contractor before getting started so that you have a good idea of what to expect.

    You may not need a permit for a kitchen remodel, but it’s always best to callĀ  Preferred Home Builders to find out. A renovation that includes electrical or plumbing work may require a permit, and if you’re not sure whether your project requires one, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A qualified home builder can help ensure that your renovation goes smoothly and safely.

    In general, a well-executed kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home by up to 15%. However, results may vary depending on your location and the current market conditions. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, it is important to work with a qualified contractor who can help you design a space that meets your needs and is visually appealing. Additionally, be sure to factor in the cost of materials and labor when creating your budget.

    If you’re simply replacing cabinets, appliances, and countertops, your increase in home value will be minimal. However, if you’re doing a full gut renovation – removing walls, adding new features, etc. – your increase in home value will be much more significant. To get an accurate estimate of how much your kitchen remodel will increase your home value, it’s best to consult with a contractor like Preferred Home Builders. We can look at your specific situation and give you a more accurate estimate.

    Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles

    • As a full-service contractor with an in-house custom cabinet fabrication facility, it gives us the ability to create any cabinet or accessory you can imagine
    • Highest standards of cabinet fabrication and craftsmanship, including:
      • High quality 3/4ā€³ solid and plywood cabinet construction
      • Quality cabinet and door construction methods including dovetail and dado joints
      • Various types of moldings including Crown, Dentil, Light Rail, Scribe, Toe Kick, Riser and Base
      • Under-cabinet lighting options, later concealed with light rail moldings
      • A full range of cabinet accessories, including pull out pantry shelves, tiered utensil drawers, tray dividers, toe kick drawers, and many, many more
      • The highest quality soft close hinge and door rail hardware available on the market
    • Our in-house counter top fabrication facility gives our team control of the counter top portion of the project. Our team provides all aspects of the counter top installation including;
      • Taking the initial measurements and creating the counter top template
      • The logistics of picking up the raw slab and delivering it to the job site
      • The cutting, polishing and producing the desired counter top edge on the slab with a very high level of detail, ensuring the very best outcome of the finished counter top.
      • Installation of the finished counter top at the right time during the kitchen remodeling Los Angeles project
    • A wide variety of kitchen counter top edge detail types available to ensure the right style for your project, including Bevel, Radius, Bullnose and Ogee finishes
    • A complete set of plans, blueprints and required city permits, all coordinated by your project manager
    • Licensed, professional construction crews for all work performed, including plumbing, electrical, tiling, masonry and drywall

    Our commitment to a consistently high level of professional and personal management and care from the initial design, straight through to the final inspection

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